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Thank You & Question

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Re: Thank You & Question

Postby geocities.ws » Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:52 am


You need to delete your browser´s cache for the changes to take effect, the changes are immediate but your browser´s cache is not showing you the new page but the old one.

Another trick you can use to see the changes while you implement them, which is much faster than deleting your browser´s cache is this :
  • Let´s supose that you are altering your xxxxxx.html page
  • So the first time you visit it you go to http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/
  • Then you edit this page
  • now, to see the changes you have to delete your browser´s cache or you can just go to http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/?a
  • you will see the new page, not the old one because your browser is not smart enough to know that http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/ and http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/?a are actually the same page
  • now you make another change.
  • to see that change you can either delete your browser´s cache or just go to http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/?b. Again your browser has catched both http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/ and http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/?a, but it knows nothing about http://www.geocities.ws/your_site/xxxxxx.html/?b

Hope that helps :-), the changes really are instantaneous but it is your browser the one preventing you to actually see those changes.

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Best regards
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