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I found my site but my old email is no more.

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Re: I found my site but my old email is no more.

Postby geocities.ws » Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:15 am

Hello Starrwind,

We've manually verified your ownership of http://www.geocities.ws/kishoku/, if you try again now you should see your current email address in the ownership verification page :-). Just in case here are the instructions :

Basically go to http://signup.geocities.ws/index.php and then:
- Enter the name of you site (kishoku)
- Enter your name
- Enter your email address.
- Choose a password (it doesn't have to be the old one but any password you choose).
- Re-enter the password again
- type the security code as it appears in the image.
- Click on the checkbox "I agree to the Terms of Service"

Once you click the submit button you will be redirected to another page which will ask you to select among some emails. Choose your email from the list and click the submit button (your email should appear there now). That's it . Once you complete the steps above you will receive an email with instructions to activate your account.

As for mgc_starr, we couldnĀ“t find this site in our archive. We'd suggest that, from time to time, you check www.archive.org since periodically they publish archived sites so, in a few months you might find yours there.

Finally, if you'd like us to move your old site to your new site just let us know and we'll do that :-)

Please contact us if you encounter any issues.

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