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Need Help Confirming my website

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Re: Need Help Confirming my website

Postby geocities.ws » Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:11 pm


We have manually verified your ownership for this page. Now your email address is listed on the ownership verification page so, if you try again, you should see it there :-D
We prepared a video tutorial which might be of help when following the ownership verification process ==>http://forums.geocities.ws/tutorials-and-how-to-s-f8/recovering-an-archived-web-site-video-tutorial-t277.html

Once complete you will be able to proceed to the members area to start editing your site, this other video tutorial might be of help there ==>http://forums.geocities.ws/tutorials-and-how-to-s-f8/editing-your-website-video-tutorial-t279.html

Please let us know if everything works fine or if you have any more comments, questions or concerns :-D
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